Sicilia Restaurant


Come for the Food,. Stay for the Taste

Enjoy a true culinary experience with the richly infused sushi created by our chef and the delectible Italian cuisine prepared with a touch of panache. Enjoy the international flavors of Japan and the gastronomy of the Italian culture in a comfortable dining style.

Located in the heart of the city of Tyre (Sour), Sit at the sushi open conveyor and let the sushi master chef entice your palate with daily delivered fish cut by a skilled hand honed by years of experience. Or lounge at a table while you experience the enticing and balanced flavors of our authentic Italian cuisine that elates the palate.

Come be our guest and experience a slice of paradise. Instead of traveling all the way to the island of Sicilia (Sicily) in Italy, get the Italian cuisine you love right at Sicilia Restaurant of Tyre Lebanon.

Sicila Restaurant is owned and managed by S.G Co in the heart of Tyre and located on the beautiful seaside of the south cornish of the city overlooking the beauty of the Mediterranean sea. Opened in early 2013 to bring a whole enjoyable dining experience. Sicilia Restaurant! Come for the food, stay for the taste.





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